Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shelf life of Software Project

A IT team develops a project and it is deployed. How long the application is going to be in production? Most the time average life of software project is around 3 years.

After 3 years, project might require a major upgrade and re-engineering in terms of technology and business.

Most of time systems wants to upgrade the system. There can be multiple reasons like
- infrastructure has reached end of life.
- it is not possible to extend the functionality. Application has become so brittle and requires lot of maintenance.
- it is not possible to satisfy the performance and scalability needs of business in near future.

Sometimes business wants to change the business process drastically. It is difficult to change the existing application. The only option left is to build a new application.

Now a new huge investment is required to create a new application silo. Oops !! Not again.

We all understand now that moment is right to increase the shelf life of software project. It could be possible by adopting SOA. Loose coupling between services provides to opportunity to increase the shelf life of software project.

An interesting thought, think about the layered architecture. Top layers have much lesser shelf life in comparison to layers below. Presentation tiers expires much before the Data tier.

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